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In 2022, VHZ started a collaboration with Vocum. The aim of this collaboration: to organize the production lines of various VHZ companies more efficiently.

Transcarbo is the first company where Vocum started working. The project started in 2022. Projects at Kumij and Europrovyl followed in 2023. An analysis phase of 2 to 3 weeks was sufficient to collect the necessary figures and insights. The results were presented to management and converted into an action plan.



Prefaco Houthalen and Lommel are part of the international organization CRH. CRH is a listed organization, where approximately 70,000 employees in 35 countries work together on a turnover of more than € 17 billion. Within the Products Belgium division, Prefaco Houthalen and Lommel are 2 production sites.

The Vocum team enabled us to achieve the target of € 2,375,046, or 20% productivity increase, on an annual basis. This corresponds to an R.O.I. of 3.6:1.


Crown Closures Germany GmbH

Vocum created the awareness and need for the management system and provided us with a procedure of systematic goal setting. This allowed us to roll the cooperate goals down through the organization with specific and realistic expectations for each management level.

Warehouse and distribution

Jan Linders

The end result of the project was a strong increase in productivity, better cooperation between departments as well as a positive behavioral change among managers and individual employees.



During the analysis it was determined that a potential saving of 20% was possible on direct and indirect labor costs, which corresponds to €2.4 million on an annual basis.

After finishing the project, Vocum set up audits together with one of our employees. This way of working allows us to safeguard the system and take further steps in the future. All this has led to achieving the targeted savings.

Manufacturing textile

Bekaert Textiles

Vocum taught us the importance of supervisors personally outlining clear expectations to their people at the beginning of the shift and to follow up the work during the shift. Obstacles not tackled during the follow up are showing in measurable variances in transparent reports. Through short operational meetings with the right people at the appropriate frequency, lead to corrective actions, which are followed up by means of action plans.

Public Services

Werkzaak Rivierenland

Our organization, with its multitude of completely different activities and its social objectives that differ from normal business, has proven to be no obstacle to achieving significant improvements, both in economic terms and in the mentality of most employees.

Manufacturing steel


We have succeeded in halving the man-hours on most folding benches by working more efficiently.

1 operator is now able to operate 2 laser machines instead of 1, resulting in more output per hour worked, without loss of quality.

A skills program has been developed and implemented so that the quality and flexibility of the operators has been significantly improved.

Manufacturing steel


Our employees initially expressed disbelief about the feasibility because in their eyes we were already doing our very best. The latter was correct, but we did not use our strengths properly, which meant that many things were not carried out effectively. By identifying these areas for improvement one by one and then tackling them with an action plan, we quickly achieved our objectives. The enthusiasm and persuasiveness of the Vocum team quickly created an atmosphere that the proposed improvements could actually be realized.

Manufacturing steel

Victor Buyck Steel Construction

Together, the bottlenecks related to manufacturing were identified.
The focus was, among other things, on creating and implementing a production plan, which allowed shorter planning while keeping budgets in mind.
A weekly production meeting has also been installed where actions are evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

Manufacturing steel

Bekaert Fencing

Today, the anticipated savings have been exceeded. The savings amount identified during the project, is 3,7 million Euro. This implies a R.0.1. of 1:3,4.
Of these 3,7 million Euro identified savings, already 2,6 million Euro have been realised at the term of the project.
With the reorganised sales force, we were able to exceed our targets in terms of margin and turnover.

Warehouse and distribution


“The end result of the project was an increase in productivity in the warehouse, reduction of driver start/stop times, administrative work made transparent and centralized. Better interdepartmental collaboration as well as a positive change in behavior for the managers and the individual employee.”

Manufacturing stones


“We are very pleased with the way Vocum has brought the project to a successful conclusion and recommend Vocum to any company that envisions a change process with measurable results. Partly due to this result, we have decided to start a similar improvement project in 2 other production sites together with Vocum.”

Manufacturing precast concrete

Struyck Verwo Aqua

“The structural changes and an intensive collaboration with the Vocum team enabled us to more than achieve the target of a total of € 1,715,149 savings, or 25% productivity increase, on an annual basis (based on a 20-day average of over €35,732), which equates to an ROI of almost 2.5.”

Manufacturing precast concrete

BTE groep

“Intensive training has been given, both in class and on the job, with the aim of making managers better able to manage a group of people based on facts and figures. The managers in this story are the production & technology manager, the plant managers and team leaders.”

Manufacturing coating

Steelcoat Galvacoat Metalix

“In the end, the target was even exceeded and savings of up to €1,275,687 were made on an annual basis, which equates to a productivity increase of 37% at Steelcoat and a productivity increase of 33% at Metalix. This is equivalent to an R.O.I. from 4:1. The agreed minimum guarantee 1:1 was realized from week 6 of the project.”



“Initially I was hesitant about Vocum’s possible improvement projections. During the analysis, it was nevertheless determined that a potential saving of 22% on direct wage costs was possible, which corresponds to €2.3 million. During the project it turned out that this was indeed possible with the end result being a strong increase in productivity. Our managers have demonstrably started to function better and also act more proactively. All this has led to the achievement of the anticipated savings.”

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