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Struyck Verwo Aqua

Lectori Saluti ,

Stradus Aqua and Aqua Struyk Verwo are market leaders in the production of sewage and drainage systems respectively. Additionally Stradus Aqua also is a leading specialist in water treatment systems.

To ensure the continuity of the whole enterprise, we have started a productivity project along with Vocum. Together we have structurally altered several matters, of which the following are some examples:

  • A new organizational structure has been implemented, with fewer management levels, in which executives have more feeling with the operation and can respond more rapidly to deviations.
  • A cultural change has been put in motion towards continuous improvement and the involvement of all employees.
  • On some machines and workstations, we have managed to work with fewer people which in turn has led to more innovation.
  • A new communication structure has been implemented which aims for maximum productivity through problem solving and collaboration.
  • A virtually paperless process has been developed and implemented within the internal sales department.
  • At various workplaces the performances are enhanced by setting the correct norms and more cooperation across departments.

The structural changes and close cooperation with the Vocum team enabled us to achieve the objective annual savings of, based on a 20-day average, € 1,715,149 or 25% increase in productivity, (i.e. more than€ 35.732 savings per week). This equates to a RO.I. of nearly 2.5.

We are pleased about the way Vocum has put us on the right track.

Yours sincerely,

Struyck Verwo Aqua BV
Stradus Aqua BV