Crown Closures Germany GmbH


We are now at the end of our Vocum program. Our decision to embark on this program was the realization that to remain competitive as a market-leader we had to :

  • reduce employee costs
  • increase productivity

In order to be able to make these changes understandable and accepted by all levels of our management, in a relatively short time period, we contacted Vocum for support.

Vocum created the awareness and need for the management system and provided us with a procedure of systematic goal setting. This allowed us to roll the cooperate goals down through the organization with specific and realistic expectations for each management level.

A management reporting and control system has been developed and installed on the various management levels. This enables the management monitor performances, set priorities and take actions on a factual base.

We are pleased to say that until now Vocum achieved their targeted savings and trust that the coördinator, who was trained by Vocum, together with the management groups, will continue to work on the foundations set by our company.

Furthermore we would lïke to thank the project Director, Mark van Rompaey, for his professional work done.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Dietmar Bychowski