Warehouse and distribution

Jan Linders

To whom it may concern,


Subject: Productivity improvement and organizational development project


As we have come to the end of the Vocum project, we would like to thank Vocum for the positive and professional contribution it has made to our company in recent months.

Together with you we have achieved a large number of points. We have summarized the most important ones in the points below:

A new communication structure and reporting structure was developed from shop floor to management – an example of this is that structured consultations take place on a daily basis about operational problems and improvements, and concrete actions are planned and followed up.
The managers on the work floor had insufficient managerial behavior. Classroom training using role plays tailored to the needs of managers as well as coaching on the job has enabled them to better manage, monitor, assess and work proactively with their people.
A workforce planning tool was developed based on realistic standards and predicted workload. As a result, managers are very cost-conscious when scheduling staff, which has a direct impact on productivity.
The involvement of the people on the floor was greatly increased by having them make improvement proposals themselves and implement many of them. This also resulted in an improvement in job satisfaction.

The end result of the project was a strong increase in productivity, better cooperation between departments as well as a positive behavioral change among managers and individual employees.

We would like to thank the Vocum team for helping us realize the improvements within our organization.


Kind regards,


Leo Linders Wilmar Schuitenmaker

General Manager Director of Logistics & Finance