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What we do

Improvement of productivity

A typical Vocum project increases productivity by 25%

Productivity = Production throughput / Resource input

A typical Vocum project increases productivity by 25%

This means either :

  • 25 % MORE production throughput given the same resource input
  • the same production throughput with 20% LESS resource input
  • a combination of both

How do we do this?

Based on:

  • streamlining processes and organizational structure
  • setting up a management system
  • training and coaching of managers

Improvement of machine effectiveness

Increase of the output of bottleneck machines.

We help you systematically question and improve uptime, machine speed and quality.

In many production environments, machines are used that deliver as much qualitative output per unit of time as possible. Only the production of the operators does not apply in this case. Together with the operator and managers of production and maintenance, we will ensure that the high-quality output of the machine increases.
In order to be able to tackle the losses with the right priority and also to see to what extent the actions taken reduce the reduction, we often use the method of measuring the machine efficiency, namely OEE (Overall Effectiveness of Equipment). This KPI expresses in % the output of a machine compared to an ideal machine that never stands still, with the right movements and no rejection.
It is crucial that the operator himself makes the subdivision of the types of stoppages, that they help determine the optimum machine speed and that there is a choice of what is rejection and what is not.


Vocum plays a crucial role in improving the performance of managers in the workplace. Through targeted training and strategic guidance, we help managers to perform their functions efficiently.

Vocum carries out a thorough analysis, mapping both the corporate culture and the individual competencies of managers. Based on these insights, we design tailor-made training programs that fit the specific context of the company.

The training courses include modules on leadership development, communication skills, conflict management, strategic thinking and results-oriented management. Through interactive workshops, case studies and practical exercises, leaders are challenged to improve their leadership skills and discover new approaches.

Guaranteed results

Most of our clients achieve returns on investment surpassing 2,5:1

We guarantee you will achieve a one to one return on your investment

Just like you, we want the improvement to be measurable

We measure the savings achieved weekly on the basis of a commonly agreed measurement basis. The idea is that the productivity achieved on a weekly basis is compared with the productivity before the start of the project (in a comparable period). From this a difference is calculated between the number of man-hours required before the start of the project and the man-hours actually performed. This difference in man-hours is then expressed in Euro.


We guarantee that the annualized realized savings will at least equal your investment in our fee.

If we fail to meet this performance – we will refund or continue working at our own expense.

Expertise in various types of business sectors

Vocum helps achieving measurable results in both production and administrative environments and does so in different industries :

  • production
  • maintenance
  • logistics
  • administration
  • construction
  • catering
  • packaging

Do things first time right and keep it simple

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Tijdens een analyse gaan we bekijken welke verliezen er zijn, hoe groot die zijn en wat de oorzaken van die verliezen zijn. We gaan in de praktijk zien wat er goed en minder goed loopt. Wat goed loopt laten we met rust. We richten ons enkel op de issues die een belangrijke impact hebben op uw rendabiliteit.


What one of our customers has to say about us

Today, the anticipated savings have been exceeded. The savings amount identified during the project, is 3,7 million Euro. This implies a R.0.1. of 1:3,4.
Of these 3,7 million Euro identified savings, already 2,6 million Euro have been realised at the term of the project.
With the reorganised sales force, we were able to exceed our targets in terms of margin and turnover.

Paul De Muynck - General Marketing and Sales Manager MP Europe

What one of our customers has to say about us

The end result of the project was a strong increase in productivity, better cooperation between departments as well as a positive behavioral change among managers and individual employees.

Leo Linders - Algemeen Directeur

We have the experience and competence to work all over Europe