Do more
with less

What we do

Expertise in various types of business sectors

Vocum helps achieving measurable results in both production and administrative environments and does so in different industries :

  • production
  • maintenance
  • logistics
  • administration
  • construction
  • catering
  • packaging

Do things first time right and keep it simple

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

During an analysis we’ll identify the bottlenecks, quantify them and find out what is causing these losses. We’ll determine which aspects of the organisation work and which don’t work. We consolidate what is working and only focus on issues that have an important impact on your profitability.


What one of our customers has to say about us

“Intensive training has been given, both in class and on the job, with the aim of making managers better able to manage a group of people based on facts and figures. The managers in this story are the production & technology manager, the plant managers and team leaders.”

BTE groep

What one of our customers has to say about us

“We are very pleased with the way Vocum has brought the project to a successful conclusion and recommend Vocum to any company that envisions a change process with measurable results. Partly due to this result, we have decided to start a similar improvement project in 2 other production sites together with Vocum.”


We have the experience and competence to work all over Europe