Manufacturing steel

Victor Buyck Steel Construction

To whom it may concern,


With a production capacity of 30,000 tons per year, VICTOR BUYCK STEEL CONSTRUCTION is the largest steel builder in Belgium and one of the largest in Europe.

During an analysis, Vocum determined that a potential saving of 2.2 million euros was possible on an annual basis in the production locations located in Eeklo and Wondelgem.

A number of points have been achieved together with Vocum, including:

✓ The bottlenecks related to manufacturing were identified together.

✓ The focus was, among other things, on creating and implementing a production plan, which allowed shorter planning while keeping budgets in mind.

✓ A weekly production meeting has also been installed where actions are evaluated and adjusted if necessary.
The savings realized during the project are of course lower than the 2.2 million euros because Vocum needs time to realize those savings and because the project only lasted 9 months. That is why Vocum has made a commitment to realize savings of 740,000 euros during the project, which has also been achieved.

Yours faithfully,

Wim Hoeckman
Managing director