Manufacturing steel

Bekaert Fencing

Hans Jansegers
Productivity Specialist—Project Director

Bekaert is world leader in advanced metal transformation and advanced coating technologies, focused on high added value market segments with high margins. We have a yearly turnover- of 4,4 billion Euro and we have worldwide over 27.000 employees.
We have always been focused on working efficiently in production. The sales organisation however was, for a long period of time, left to its own devices, which is why Bekaert decided to start a project within its sales organisation.
The project-team, directed by Project Director Hans Jansegers, found an opportunity of 2,8 million Euro/year of savings. They also identified the main obstacles for our sales organisation not functioning in the most efficient way. We decided to step into a project.
Today, the anticipated savings have been exceeded. The savings amount identified during the project, is 3,7 million Euro. This implies a R.0.1. of 1:3,4.
Of these 3,7 million Euro identified savings, already 2,6 million Euro have been realised at the term of the project.
With the reorganised sales force, we were able to exceed our targets in terms of margin and turnover.
The organisational structure has been streamlined. Although it was not the initial intent of this project, the Project Director rightfully insisted on changing our structure. Responsibilities were made clear within the new organisation. Another advantage lay in the fact that, due to this fragmentation, geographical regions covered by sales reps were reduced. This way, they spend less time traveling and more time visiting clients.
Another goal of this project, was to provide us with a management system that allows the remaining people to work more efficiently and more effectively.
The implemented management system consists of powerful tools, which allow our sales organisation a better target-setting, planning and follow-up. Most important however is the fact that, as in production, we now have a more systematical, quantified way to manage the sales force by objectives. Meetings with the right persons are set up at the appropriate frequency and the variances which flow from the reports, lead to corrective actions, which are followed up with action plans.

The proper implementation of this management system is measured by means of a compliance check. At the end of the project we have reached an impressive compliance of 79%.
I realise this was a difficult assignment given the organisational changes we had to make to open up the management team to your recommendations. I value Hans Jansegers’ ability to keep going in spite of some internal opposition to the project.
I have to compliment Hans Jansegers and his team for having delivered the results under such difficult circumstances. Our satisfaction for Hans Jansegers’ services is such, that we have decided to appeal on him in other areas of our organistion. You can certainly quote me as a reference to future prospects and clients.

I hereby once again express my appreciation and thanks for this achievement.

Sincerely Yours,

Paul De Muynck – General Marketing and Sales Manager MP Europe