We optimize your existing operations.
We don't make investment recommendations.

Who we are

Welcome to Vocum, one of Europe’s leading productivity specialists. Since the foundation, in 2003, Vocum is in the business of achieving measurable results. We’re dedicated to giving you the help you need in your transformational objectives.

In order to achieve results – our clients need to make changes in the way they work. Change creates resistance so we only change what is not working and what is worthwhile in terms of results.
Since we are commited to results – we can not limit ourselves to giving top notch recommandations. The true added value of Vocum is that we spend 20% of our time determining what needs to be changed, and 80% of our time to get the change implemented.

Vocum helps lifting barriers
Most people come to work and want to do a good job. Barriers beyond they control prevents them in doing a optimal job.

We work “bottom-up”

We must first understand what is happening at the operational level. This starts already during the analysis – when we track relevant positions for entire squads to understand exactly what drives avoidable losses.
Especially during the first months of a project, we spend more time on the floor where the operations take place – where precious decisions are made every hour and every day.

Because Vocum works at all hierarchical levels and in all departments, and because we have no agenda other than to improve things, we can often unblock problems that have been simmering for a long time.

We cover an extensive variety of business sectors and we have the experience and competence to work all over Europe

  • Vocum initially worked in Belgium and Holland.
  • We followed our customers into countries all over Europe.
  • In terms of language and cultural environment we are operational in all European countries
  • We work both in production and administrative environments.
  • We’ve succesfully implemented our approach in many sectors :
    • building materials
    • technical utilities
    • construction
    • surface treatment
    • metals
    • metal
    • warehouse & distribution
    • textile
    • food and catering
    • packaging

our core values

Vocum believes achieving results must go hand in hand with buy-in

“Getting results by
empowering people”

We openly transfer our knowledge to our clients.
The idea is that we lift the existing management to a higher level so that they continu the improvements when we are gone.

Vocum leverages its experience and knowledge as “change agents” with the expertise of your company. This way, improvements can be realized that one of the two parties can individually accomplish.

We don’t pretend to be technical experts in your business. What we provide is a proven process to identify financial and operational opportunities. Then we facilitate change – and create consensus within your staff to see the benefits of that change.

All consultants will make recommendations. When these recommendations don’t get properly implemented, there will be no sustainable results. There are mainly 2 types of consultants.

Result oriented consultants that tend to go for a « just do it » style

Non result oriented consultants who work all the time in consensus with everyone but who are not helping to overcome obstacles when implementing

To profile ourselves among the resultoriented consultants, we give a 1:1 guarantee on realised savings.

Earning the right to speak

Before we address issues to people and before we start making recommendations, we need to know exactly what is happening.
By following the day to day operations and by listening to the people who actually perform the work (operations and first line supervision), we get a view on what would need to be changed and how this interacts with other departments.
We urge people to come up themselves with solutions and better practices.
When they see that we don’t come with theoretical “copy paste solutions”, they will open up and start saying what can be improved.


What one of our customers has to say about us

J.W. Schuurmans - Directeur

What one of our customers has to say about us


We have the experience and competence to work all over Europe