Why Vocum as an external partner?

Things that make Vocum stand out

Guaranteed results

For most of our customers, the measurable improvement is more than 2.5 times the project cost. We guarantee a return on your investment of at least 1:1. We measure the improvements achieved on a weekly basis based on a commonly agreed measurement basis.

The idea is that the achieved productivity is compared weekly with the productivity before the start of the project (in a comparable period).

From this, a difference is calculated between the number of man-hours required before the start of the project and the man-hours actually performed. This difference in man hours is then expressed in Euro.

We guarantee that the improvements achieved annually are at least equal to the project cost.

If we do not achieve this result – we will refund the difference or continue working at our own expense.

Role as catalyst

Vocum jumps in the tub with you and makes a commitment to results.

We stay in the organization and take the role of catalyst, mediator and coach until the proposed improvements are fully realized.

Vocum combines its experience and knowledge as ‘change agents’ with the expertise of your company. In this way, improvements can be achieved that neither party can accomplish individually.

Reality from the floor

During the analysis, as well as during any project, Vocum always starts from the reality of the floor.

As a result, we acquire a “right to speak” at the lower hierarchical levels. It is precisely they who are going to have to solve much more of the operational problems. We involve these levels strongly and try to let them come up with improvements themselves.

This”bottom up” approach pursues not only economic results – but also better employee motivation – which is the best guarantee that the improvements will be permanent.


As external consultants, we have the full time and commitment to implement changes. The management team has day-to-day responsibilities. Vocum’s daily task is to increase productivity and achieve results.

The management also has its daily activities, where the focus of the improvement project can sometimes slip away.

Someone from outside the organization brings a fresh perspective to the company. Such a change agent can therefore quickly identify improvement points and assist you in implementing changes.

Vocum focuses only on the improvement process


What one of our customers has to say about us

“We are very pleased with the way Vocum has brought the project to a successful conclusion and recommend Vocum to any company that envisions a change process with measurable results. Partly due to this result, we have decided to start a similar improvement project in 2 other production sites together with Vocum.”


What one of our customers has to say about us

The end result of the project was a strong increase in productivity, better cooperation between departments as well as a positive behavioral change among managers and individual employees.

Leo Linders - Algemeen Directeur

Management skills of executives are fine-tuned "on the job"