Manufacturing steel


To whom it may concern;

Vlassenroot is the world leader in the production of the most critical parts of telescopic cranes: crane arms, rotating platforms and chassis for mobile cranes.

To increase the profitability of our location in Groot-Bijgaarden, we have started a productivity project together with Vocum.

During this project we made structural changes to several things together with Vocum. Below are some of these points:

We have succeeded in halving the man-hours on most folding benches by working more efficiently.
1 operator is now able to operate 2 laser machines instead of 1, resulting in more output per hour worked, without loss of quality.
A skills program has been developed and implemented so that the quality and flexibility of the operators has been significantly improved.
The interchangeability between the technical service, lasers, folding benches, quality and logistics departments has been greatly increased, which also benefits productivity.
A set of follow-up tools has been developed so that first-line managers are better able to manage on the floor and report during daily consultations that focus on facts and figures.

The above points and continuous guidance from the Vocum team enabled us to achieve the target of € 952,890, or 30% productivity increase, on an annual basis (4-week average of € 18,325). This corresponds to an R.O.I. of 2:1.

We are very pleased with the way in which Vocum has successfully completed the project and partly because of this result we have decided to also start together with Vocum in our 3 other production locations (1 in Poland and 2 in Germany).

Yours faithfully,


Jean-Charles Wibo

CEO J.C. Wibo & Partners